Safe and Sound UAE | Safe and Sound Initiative UAE

Safe and Sound UAE is a non-for-profit campaign designed to safe guard families in the UAE and increase health and safety standards within the workplace.

Alongside first aid we also teach expat employees about the laws and regulations here in the UAE and how they may differ from your home country. We talk about the need for temporary guardianship documents to protect your children if the worst should happen and how we are able to provide these documents without cost through the Initiative.

Current law in the UAE states that you only need 1 first aid qualified member of staff per 100 people in the work place. The Kids Initiative believe this is not enough and we are working with DCAS the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Service to influence the law makers here and change this legislation.

The Safe and Sound Initiative UAE also continues to campaign for the introduction of a Good Samaritan law here in the UAE. This law protects individuals who administrate first aid on strangers without first obtaining their families consent from legislation that could lead to the individual being deported from the country for invading the patient’s personal beliefs.

A Safe and Sound Initiative workshop is packed with valuable information from start to finish and is not to be missed. Book your free workshop now and help us continue to safeguard families here in the UAE.