About the Safe and Sound UAE Initiative

The Safe & Sound workshop consists of 3 lifesaving first aid skills, CPR, choking techniques and the recovery position. These are the most important skills as a first aider that you need to know. Our pediatric nurse Rebecca Smith teaches these vital skills for babies, children and adults ensuring you are well equipped for any situation that arises in the workplace or at home. CPR can double and in some cases triple a person’s chance of survival but is rarely effective after the first 4 minutes of cardiac arrest.

Spencer Lodge, CEO at Fund Advisers, found out first hand just how true this was when playing football here in Dubai one evening a few years ago.“One of my teammates, a young lad, suffered a cardiac arrest on the football pitch, not one person, not even the referees or event organisers knew any basic CPR.  He was airlifted to hospital but unfortunately died before he got there. It haunts me that if one of us had have had even a basic knowledge of first aid, he may well be alive today” said Spencer Lodge.

This tragic incident resulted in Fund Advisers joining forces with Safe Hands, the Dubai-based family services company, to sponsor Safe & Sound. Fund Advisers’ sponsorship is now enabling us to run our Free Child Safeguarding Workshops giving employers and employees the opportunity to learn the skills that could save a persons life.

You also learn about the legislation surrounding first aid here in Dubai and the UAE and the implications that Sharia Law can have on your family. For example as a woman here in Dubai if your husband were to pass away you would not automatically get custody of your children. We advise parents how they can avoid this situation if the worst was to happen and on top of this we also offer free temporary guardianship documentations through the initiative.

Meet the team…


Rebecca is a UK trained paediatric nurse and provides first aid training at the workshop and fully certified courses. Sam and Laura are UK university graduates, with their combined math and marketing skills they make an idea management team.