Testimonial from Narry Vega –  Ingersoll Rand – EHS Specialist

Did you enjoy the workshop and what did you learn about?

“Yes, we learnt about different first aid techniques such as CPR, choking and the recovery position and we leant the laws regarding wills and guardianships.”

Has it benefited your employees?

“Yes, because if we ourselves or our colleagues are in that emergency situation we will now be able to handle the situation properly.”

Would you recommend this to other companies here in Dubai?

“Yes, because the workshop is very informative and it’s an eye opener for most of us especially the specific requirements in the UAE for wills and guardianship.”

What actions have been taken to further the campaign within Ingersoll Rand?

“So far we have sent an email invite other employees who missed workshop to attend another workshop. We want to encourage our employees to learn and therefore be efficient and effective when regarding an emergency situation and be aware of the other topics mentioned in the workshop.”

Do you feel safer now knowing the laws and regulations here?

“Knowing the regulations is one thing and then putting into action is another thing. For us the good thing is that we now have this knowledge and I and our employees are working on it. Fund advisers are really helping us and are really hands-on in terms of how we protect ourselves and our family in the UAE.”

Do you feel confident that you could help someone in an emergency?

“Yes, even though it may be a slight challenge when actually faced with an emergency situation but because of the knowledge that has been given to use via the safe and sound workshop we now know the basics of what to do.”

How much has this cost you? 

“Nothing, just our time. It has been a great opportunity and the knowledge you have given us is very valuable. It is worth having the hour out of our busy days as it has been an eye opener. The workshop was very well organized, planned and advertised.”